Browse Resources About Women at Yale

A number of resources on the history of women at Yale have been collected here. In particular, two Library Subject Guides were specially created for the anniversaries to facilitate access to holdings in the university archives. These guides contain information about a large selection of documents, visual materials, oral histories, and relevant collections. A number of other useful resources and lists are also provided here. 

Library Subject Guides

Since summer 2018, researchers in the Manuscripts and Archives division of Sterling Memorial Library have been gathering and systematizing material from the university archives related to coeducation and women at Yale. These two guides organize and annotate a vast amount of material into easily accessible resources that will serve as an invaluable tool for researchers and all interested individuals going forward.  

Research from the Women Faculty Forum

The Women Faculty Forum has assembled the following resources with an emphasis on gender equality and gender at Yale.

Women’s Center Archive

Since its founding in 1980, the Yale Women’s Center archive has collected meeting notes, staff journals, feminist publications, correspondences with administrators and other material related to women’s activism.

A Yale Book of Numbers

Over the years, Yale’s Office of Institutional Research has compiled statistics about the University, including statistics on women students and women faculty.  Historical data about women, as well as a range of statistics about the University are included in the reports below.