History of Women at Yale

Her Stories: A Goal for the Anniversary   

One of the chief goals of the anniversary year is to research more thoroughly the history of women at Yale and to compile and catalog existing materials about women at Yale. Five projects are on the drawing board:

  • Oral histories of the women who matriculated in Yale College in 1969.
  • Compilation of materials about co-educating Yale College and creation of an online Library Subject Guide for those materials
  • Compilation of materials about the entry of women into each of the graduate and professional schools—and any other facet of women’s history there —and creation of an online Library Subject Guide
  • A special seminar on “Yale and Coeducation” taught in 2018-19 by Professor Laura Wexler
  • Jay Gitlin  has been offering a course annually on Yale and will be encouraging his students to consider term papers that would address issues relating to women in anticipation of the commemorative year.   

We’re Making History!

As our history projects take shape, we will be posting material here, including an updated timeline of women at Yale, library subject guides to facilitate research, the stories of women at Yale across all the schools, and resources for further study. We hope you will come back often to learn and explore.